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SUPER SMASH SAGA 4-2 | 22-23.4 | 2 DAYS ALL SMASH GAMES | "10/10" - IGN

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    • SUPER SMASH SAGA 4-2 | 22-23.4 | 2 DAYS ALL SMASH GAMES | "10/10" - IGN

      O P E R A T I O N F O X E A T E R


      ==SIGN-UP NOW==

      ===SETUPS ISSUE===
      Well this one is part of the course isn't it, we are in dire need of
      Setups especially in the Smash 4 department because Bergbuur is not
      coming to help out this time. So I would be very glad if some of you
      fine people would bring your own monitors and consoles. I humbly ask the
      same thing of the Melee players since I unfortunately lack the
      resources to store alot of CRTs.

      Rulesets have been updated with the newer Smash 4 (and P:M, Brawl and 64) rulesets.


      We’re back again after an (somewhat involuntary) winter pause, and the
      first Super Smash Saga in 2017 will feature the entire Super Smash Bros.
      Series again, together with the 2 most notable fan projects! For the
      first time in Switzerland, there will be a Smash Flash 2 tournament held
      The tournament is going to be again 2 days long! So find a place to stay at if you want to participate on both days!
      We need you guys to bring CRTs, Monitors and Consoles!
      If you want to bring anything, add that to your sign-up mail, as instructed there.
      The tourney is held on the 22-23.04.2017 and the first tournament begins at 10:00am.
      But you can come as early as 9am.
      There is a cap of 64 players.
      More information on the website as always.

      Day 1 (22.04.2017)
      Melee 1v1 (Main-Event)
      Smash 64 1v1 (Side-Event)
      Project M 1v1 (Side-Event)

      Day 2 (23.04.2017)
      Smash for Wii U 1v1 (Main-Event)
      Brawl 1v1 (Side-Event)
      Smash Flash 2 1v1 (Side-Event)


      Ich hab den Thread auch im Schweiz Regionalforum gepostet, falls das zu spammig ist können die Mods den dort gerne löschen.
      Bist du ein schweizer Smasher, weisst aber nicht wo die ganzen Turniere stattfinden?
      Die gesamte (mehrsprachige) schweizer Community findet sich hier: facebook.com/groups/218742101607432/

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